-Time of events: 6- 7:30 pm

-When: All dates are Sundays

-Where: The Donelson Fellowship 3210 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

September 9th: Who or what created God? Chris Perry and Micah Redding.

September 16th:  Historical Evidence for Jesus. Aaron Pontious.

September 23th: Is Christian exclusivism really reasonable? Christopher Talbot.

September 30th: Does Man have free-will? David Outlaw.

October 7th: Are miracles logically impossible? Daniel Gordon and Scott Hawley.

October 14th: Is belief really a choice? David Outlaw and Joe Bandy.

October 21st: Three arguments for the existence of God.  Chris Perry and Ryan Hogan

October 28th:  How do I know the Bible is really from God? Rabbi Joshua Kullock

November 4th: Has Science Buried God? Ian Hawkins and John Lewis.

November 11th: Does God exist? Jim Palmer, Susan Schoenbohm, David Outlaw and Aaron Pontious.

November 18th: Homosexuality and Gender issues.  Paul Prill and Kevin Hester.

November 25th: Christian denominations. Jeff Nichols and Mark Forrester.

December 16nd: “How Can Randomness Be Reconciled with the Idea of a Sovereign God?” Daniel Biles, Scott Hawley and Steve Winters