Thought-Provoking Dialogues about reason and faith in a skeptical world



Before I followed my dream of bringing the world together through conversations about the most important questions in life, I was a dedicated professional musician. Becoming a follower of Christ after and intense study and research on the history of science and philosophy turned my life upside down. I started to focused my talents on something better and beyond myself: others.

I continually train my heart and mind through a daily study on the history of philosophy, science, prayer and readings of leading thinkers to challenge the way I see the world.

I believe in a world where every topic can be discussed out of love, compassion, empathy and challenge.

Below you can read about my past as a professional musician. Click here to see some of my performances.



Pedrosaxo has revolutionized the saxophone. He has synthesized his many interests – imitation, acting, films, video gaming, and composition – into a breathtaking and truly unique artistic statement. 
Quite simply, he has obliterated all previous technical and artistic boundaries, and has achieved it in ways that are fascinatingly beautiful, haunting, appealing, and awe-inspiring. He appeared as a finalist on Spain’s nationally-televised “Spain’s Got Talent!” and has performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His self-titled debut album was co-produced with 3x Grammy-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin (of Dave Matthews Band) and released on Jeff’s Ear Up Records.


As a speaker, Pedrosaxo has developed the concept of Thought-Provoking Dialogue, in which corporate teams cultivate the art of asking questions in order to discover potential and possibility where none seemed to exist. He has appeared as a speaker at TEDx Nashville and Caterpillar Financial among others.




In the performance-based counterpart to his speaking offerings, Pedrosaxo has created Game-Changing Entertainment, a pop culture entertainment experience featuring seemingly impossible solo performances of film, TV, and video game soundtracks that transforms the audience through conversation and a shared exploration of the meanings behind these hits. Pedrosaxo is a P. Mauriat and Vandoren Performing Artist, and endorses Hercules Stands. He uses these products exclusively in his quest to achieve the impossible.

JEff Coffin.jpeg

jeff coffin

"Pedrosaxo is the Bobby McFerrin of the saxophone!"


Caterpillar financial

“Pedro's presentation was outstanding and in line with our 'Bring your Full Self to Work' initiative and safe space training here at Caterpillar Financial! The visual of thinking outside the box using a saxophone was a great example of how we should think about our daily jobs and life.”

-Tacita Thompson, Business System Support Manager & Vice Chair of LAMBDA