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Women, Equality and the Bible: a Christian/atheist dialogue
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Women, Equality and the Bible: a Christian/atheist dialogue

It is of the utmost importance to dialogue about everything. There are many reasons to do so: to tear down false preconceptions about each other’s worldview, to understand the subtleties of each other’s thoughts and convictions better, to raise empathy towards each other, and know better what to challenge and how to do it, so that we can challenge what it is, and not what we make it to be.

What is today’s situation about women’s roles in the world? What are the differences, if there are, between equality and sameness? What are the healthiest ways to dialogue about it? What does the Bible say about women? What is the ultimate truth about women from a Christian and secular perspective?

Nashville, join us to this fascinating live dialogue with four women thinkers:

Christian thinkers: Ellen Armour and Claire Davidson

Secular thinkers: Gayle Jordan and Felicia Powers.

The event will be held at THE WELL COFFE HOUSE.

Order of the event:

-Introduction from Pedro Garcia, founder of Ask and Wonder and moderator.

-Introduction of speakers.

-5 minute introduction from each speaker on the topic.


-Questions from the audience.


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