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Making sense of life: a Christian/atheist dialogue
7:00 PM19:00

Making sense of life: a Christian/atheist dialogue

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How does your worldview account for existence, reality, life, an intelligible universe, the mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires and the search for ultimate truth, if there is one? How has your worldview changed you and the way you understand the world? How does your worldview make sense of the life?

Join us at this live event with a panel of four speakers:

Christian thinkers

Aaron Pontious, youth pastor and Christian apologist.

Christopher Talbot, theologian and Christian apologist.

Secular thinkers

Tim Bolton, organizer of the Nashville atheist meetup.

Joel Diemoz, secular philosopher.

Order of the event:

Introduction of Sylvan Park Church host.

Introduction of Pedro García, founder of Ask and Wonder.

Introduction of speakers.

5 min presentations from speakers.


Questions from the audience.


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Political correctness: freedom or restriction?
7:00 PM19:00

Political correctness: freedom or restriction?

What is political correctness? how is it helping, changing o restraining our conversations? Why did political correctness become necessary in dialogue? How much is it changing us and the way we communicate with each other? Is it actually real? Kimberly Best, professional mediator and Sociologists Richard Ruach and Joe Bandy form the panel for this exciting topic. Bring your questions. FREE EVENT. For more information go to:

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What does death say about life?
6:00 PM18:00

What does death say about life?

“Death” might be the most addressed, yet avoided topic in our lives. Does it make sense for life to end in death? How does atheism understand and deals with death? How does Christianity understand and deal with death? Should we be afraid of it? Should we be hopeful? Why?

Join us Nashville for this beautiful and challenging conversation full empathy with 2 thinkers:

Christian thinker: David Outlaw

Secular thinker: Jim Palmer

The order of the event will be the following:

-Ask and Wonder intro.

-5 min max. Introduction of speakers.


-Questions from the audience.

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Special thanks to Caliber Coffee Co. and its openness to hold this event.

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