Thought-Provoking Dialogues about reason and faith in a skeptical world
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Ask and Wonder brings Christians and non-Christians together to talk about the most important questions in life through live events and digital content: Ask and Wonder the podcasts and Ask and Wonder the blog.

There is an urgent need in our society to promote healthy conversations out of love, compassion, empathy…but also challenge. It is through conversations with those crucial elements, where we would set the foundation of a society whose citizens are empathic to each other’s thoughts, feelings and place in the world, but are not afraid to challenge them too. This is the healthiest way to explore the world through a healthy, engaging, loving and challenging conversation. It is an antidote to the dangers of tribalism of ideas.

Ask and Wonder brings Christian and non-Christian experts together to dialogue about topics on Science, Ethics, Philosophy, Culture and more.

My hope is that through Ask and Wonder, you learn to ask and wonder more about yourself and the world around you, ask and wonder more about your place in it, and seek answers by exploring other ways of thinking, following the evidence, wherever it leads.

Pedro R. Garcia



Do you have questions? Good. This is a good place to start exploring potential answers. You can learn so much by wondering about the world around you. It is a good thing that you have questions: the world changed, changes and will change through the type of questions we dare to ask. Ask and Wonder offers to you three ways to start exploring:

-Live events: mostly in the Nashville area, you can look up all live events where audiences are invited to explore the big questions through dialogues among experts of our city, both Christians and non-Christians. Explore all live-events here.

-Ask and Wonder the podcast: listen to engaging dialogues between Christians and non-Christians, explore other world perspectives and the bigger questions through interviews with leading thinkers from all around the the world. Explore Ask and and Wonder the podcast here.

-Ask and Wonder the blog: read opinions from leading thinkers on the bigger questions in life. Explore Ask an Wonder the blog here.